Qualification/Work Experience :

  • -Candidates must have at least College Level. -The job requires Male applicants only. -Applicants must be 23 to 50 years old -Must have at least 5 years of studies from HIGH SCHOOL TO COLLEGE ( NO GAP).

Job Description:

  • The main duty of a panel beater is to restore vehicles to a factory state. This involves first assessing a vehicle’s damage and determining where and how to perform repair work. The panel beater must then remove damaged panels and components, either by cutting them away or unbolting them from the vehicle. Depending on the type and level of damage, he then either replaces the damaged parts or repairs them, using mechanical, hydraulic and metalworking equipment. He then rejoins repaired parts with welding equipment and repairs dents with plastic fillers and file.

Employer : Prospective Employer

Location : Australia